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Art by Jeremiah, Synergy Digital Art Student!

Digital Art and Design

Synergy Magnet's Digital Art and Design program trains students to meet the needs of 21st century business/career demands.  These skill sets empower our students to compete in all emerging global markets and careers.

  • Art and Drawing Techniques

  • Expressing Creativity

  • Website Design

  • Logo & Brand Identity

  • Illustration & Pattern Design

  • Graphic Design

  • 3D Animation

  • Video Editing - Premiere Pro

  • Photoshop

  • Image Editing

  • Resume Design

  • Presentation Design


Art by Mia, Synergy Digital Art Student!


Synergy Magnet K12 Semester 1 Certificate of Achievement

Illustrator Basics

  • Artistic Planning

  • Illustrator Tools

  • Shapes & Designs

  • Formatting Basics

Synergy Magnet K12 Semester 2 Certificate of Achievement

Photoshop Basics

  • Drawing Basics

  • Photoshop Tools

  • Freelance vs. Client Work

  • Intermediate Formatting

Synergy Magnet K12 Semester 3 Certificate of Achievement

Website Design

  • Photography & Photo Editing

  • Public Speaking & Interviewing

  • Note Taking

  • Design Skills & Formatting

  • Basic Videography

Synergy Magnet K12 Semester 4 Certificate of Achievement

Social Media Managing

  • Livestreaming

  • Managing Different Social Media Platforms

  • Intermediate Photography & Photo Editing

  • Differentiating Types of Posts

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