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Culinary Arts

At Synergy Culinary Arts Academy, sharing our passion for food and flavors is a pleasure.  In this two semester program, students receive hands-on training designed to provide a solid background in fundamental, intermediate and advanced culinary arts skills/careers. Professionally trained and dedicated instructors provide a diversified, intensive education in food preparation in a well-equipped kitchen with commercial-grade equipment that meets all Florida state standards.

Future Chefs Will Learn

• Fundamental Culinary Kitchen Skills
• Baking & Pastry Arts
• Food Handling & Preparation
• Catering & Event Planning
• Safety & Sanitation
• Menu Planning / Cost & Budgeting
• Serve Safe Certification
• Food Handler Certification
• Hospitality & Service
• Ethnic Cuisine

Gold Seal Vocational Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to students who meet the following requirements:

• Maintain a weighted GPA of a 3.0 in all core subject areas.

• Take 3 credit hours in a single career path.
• Achieve a 3.5 GPA in career courses.
• Complete a minimum of 30 service hours.
• Earn the minimum scores on one of the following
• college entrance exams:

• ACT: Reading 19, English 17, Mathematics 19
• SAT: Reading 24, Writing/Language 25, Math 24
• PERT: Reading 106, Writing 103, Mathematics 114

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Community Give-back

Over the past year, Synergy has devoted its time and effort to giving back to the community.  This past year alone, we were able to give out over one million “no charge meals” to not just our students and families but to the community as a whole!

It is the hope of our school that we instill these values into our students and that they continue with giving back and investing in their community.

SVA Culinary Arts Program’s
“I-Serve Food Pantry”

Hunger affects families in our community today. SVA Culinary Arts Program is making it a point to combat hunger in our community by providing our drive-thru pantry Monday through Friday. Here, our trained and caring volunteers assist families in need with free groceries and ready to eat meals.

Meals prepared by the SVA Culinary Arts Program, led by Chef Pam McNair, meet all nutrition standards set by the Department of Education & Agriculture.

SVA Culinary Arts Program  supplies ingredients for meals to be prepared at home, and distributes pre-made heat-and-eat meals.

In these ways, SVA Culinary Arts Program  provides relief to meet the needs of its surrounding community. 

Synergy Community Care Foundation’s Extended School & Club Programs

Synergy Community Care Foundation and SVA are dedicated to holistically reaching every child’s heart, mind, and body.

This year, Synergy's Culinary Arts Program provided over one million healthy and nutritious “No Charge Meals”  to students and families in St. Lucie County. In addition to helping end childhood hunger, Synergy's Culinary Arts Program is committed to unlocking students’ God-given potential to learn vocational trades and remediate learning gaps. In order to successfully achieve these standardized goals, SVA has infused creative opportunities for students to play and learn simultaneously through our Extended School Dinner & Club Programs:

• Free Healthy Dinners & Snacks Served Daily
• Free Tutoring
• Athletics/Sports
• Ballet, Hip Hop, Tap, & Jazz
• Drama & Theatre
• Karate
• Weight Training
• Baking Classes

• Music Lessons & Recording
• E-Sports Training / Team Competition
• Chess & Board Games
• Hair Braiding
• Gardening / Hydroponics
• Evening Bus Transportation

We’re Better Together!

Help us to achieve our goal of creating a healthier,  more successful community by becoming a partner and sponsoring our Extended School Dinner & Club Program!

To find out more information or to become a sponsor, contact or call (772) 801-5522.

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