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Certificate Programs

The Certificate Programs offered at Synergy Vocational Academy are designed to enable students to immediately enter the workforce upon completion of their courses.  

IT / Cybersecurity

The program begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of security and compliance and culminates in a skill level capable of associate administration of an office environment and offers multiple certifications.

Construction Technology

Construction Technology is an NCCER certified instructional program that prepares an individual for employment in the following: Masonry, Carpentry, Electrical Wiring, HVAC, Plumbing, Cabinet Making, Computer Aided Design

Drone Pilot / Aviation Program

Uniquely offered at the High School level, SVA's drone piloting / aviation program prepares students for work in a multitude of fields including construction, real estate, agriculture and of course airline piloting using flight simulators, indoor/outdoor obstacle courses and more.

Culinary Arts

In this two semester program, students receive hands-on training designed to provide certification in food handling, preparation, safety, sanitation and more.

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