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Campus Life

Student Government

Synergy students elect their class Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Treasurers, to both gain experience on the role of government in society, and to give their fellow classmates a voice regarding important decisions that affect their experience at Synergy.

General Student Assembly

Synergy Magnet K12 has a variety of assembly experiences throughout the school year, including Chapel, Science Fair, History Fair, Spelling Bees, Honor Roll, Special Guests, College and Career Fairs. Entrepreneur Expos, Tournaments, Debate Clubs, and more!

Social Events

Prom, Homecoming, Pep Rallies, Banquets, Awards Ceremonies, and Thursday and Sunday Youth Worship are just some of the ways Synergy students make time to fellowship with one another throughout the school year.

High School Work Study Program

Synergy offers certification/career and dual enrollment opportunities, so students are prepared to enter the work force upon high school graduation, or continue their academic studies with an Associate's Degree in hand.


The vision of Synergy Magnet K12 is to help facilitate and equip students in Christianity, defend their Christian faith all through Biblical principles and a knowledge of Scripture.

No Charge Meals

Synergy offers free breakfast, lunch, and dinner to all our students to ensure they maintain optimal health and are able to be physically and mentally nourished throughout the classroom day and afterwards.

Tutoring and Enrichment

Synergy teachers make time to come along each student to provide them with one-on-one tutoring for any academic needs and extra attention that might be necessary for success.

Student Support Services

Solutions Speech Therapy provides speech and occupational therapy on-site at all Synergy campuses.

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