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Varsity Boys Basketball Schedule



Wed, 3/15 @ Greenacres FTX Arena (Miami, FL) 2:00 PM


Tue, 11/22 @ Tradition Prep (PSL) - 5:30 PM

Tue, 11/29 @ Ft Pierce Central - 5:30 PM

Thur, 12/1 @ Inlet Grove (Riviera Beach) - 7 PM

Tue, 12/6 @ Lincoln Park Academy - 5 PM

Thur, 12/8 @ Saint Ed’s (Vero) - TBA

Mon, 12/12 @ Sebastian River H.S. (Sebastian) 6 PM

Wed, 12/28 @ John Carroll H.S. TBA

Thur, 12/29 @ John Carroll H.S. TBA

Fri, 12/30 @ John Carroll H.S. TBA

Tue, 1/3 @ Morningside Prep 7PM

Fri, 1/6 @ Greenacres 4 PM

Tue, 1/10 @ Somerset College Prep 5PM

Thur, 1/12 @ PSL H.S. (PSL) - Cancelled

Wed, 1/18 @ Inlet Grove (Riviera Beach) - 6:00 PM

Mon, 1/23 @ Master’s Academy (Vero) 6 PM

Tue, 1/24 @ VBHS (Vero) - 6:00 PM

Fri, 1/27 @ Tradition Prep (PSL) - 5:30 PM

Mon, 1/30 @ Masters Academy (Vero) 6 PM

Tue, 1/31 @ Bethany Christian - 6:00 PM

Thur, 2/2 @ John Carroll 6 PM


Synergy athletics program offers:

  • Boys and Girls Basketball

  • Soccer

  • Girls Varsity Volleyball

  • E-Sports

  • Flag Football

  • Track

  • Cheerleading

  • Karate

  • Weight Training

Synergy Saints Athletics

The SAINTS SPORTS athletic program offers a variety of competitive sports to cultivate the student experience at Synergy School of Tomorrow. Our program is filled with high character individuals that simply: respect others and have a positive work ethic! In that, our current and prospective student athletes can look to these 5 words that embody the S.A.I.N.T-SPORT philosophy:

S elflessness                  A ccountability                  I ntegrity         

        N obility                          T ogetherness

The SAINTS coaches are very detailed with their instruction focusing on player development in all sports. At Synergy, we are looking to produce students who are fully prepared to enter the workforce/college and believe sports is a way to achieve that. SAINTS SPORTS is a faith based athletic program that cares about the students as individuals first. With that thought process, we believe we are helping them become more productive and successful members of society. Our coaches encourage teamwork, leadership, communication, discipline, and hard work.

As a whole, SAINTS SPORTS is centered around FAMILY and we have support from parents, teachers, administration, and most of all their peers. We call it #SaintsSpirit and we will celebrate each other, care for each other, and be there for each other during the ups and the downs. Matthew 18:20 says, “For where two or three gathered in my name, there am I in the midst with them.” From flag football, to soccer, to volleyball, to basketball, to track, our student athletes will feel like Synergy is home and a place they can have fun, learn, grow, and pursue all their passions of tomorrow. GO SAINTS!

Coach's Bio:

Welcome Coach Andreas “Dre” Denbow to Synergy School of Tomorrow! Coach Dre Is beginning in his first year as Varsity Head Coach at Synergy School of Tomorrow. As head coach he is the director of all the boys’ basketball programs at our school and he will also teach P.E. grades 6-9.

Previous to Synergy, Dre was a men’s basketball coach at Oklahoma State University for 7 years. In his most recent 5 years, he served as video coordinator and the previous two years he was a Graduate Assistant where he received his master’s degree in recreation management.

For his undergrad degree, Coach Dre received a bachelor’s in Sports Management at Florida Gulf Coast University where he also was a student manager for the Men’s basketball team. He was a part of their historic Sweet 16 run “Dunk City” in 2013 and was head manager at the time. During his senior year he interned in the NBA with the Charlotte Bobcats (now hornets) and following that year he returned to FGCU as the video coordinator.

Born and raised in Pembroke Pines, Florida, Coach Dre is all about people and effecting them in a positive way. He is a charismatic, loving, humble person that loves God and has a passion for all sports, not just basketball. His P.E. classes will reflect his love for all sports and his classes will be a place where the students will have fun and look forward to attending. Athletic ability or skill will not matter, only the willingness to try and positivity! Students will get a good look into various sports learning how to play them and speak the terminology.

When it comes to the Saints BBB programs you can expect a family atmosphere. Family is important to Coach Dre and it will be felt throughout his entire program. The student-athletes will be held to standards academically and behaviorally as they are students before they are athlete’s. Coach Dre’s philosophy is to be a role model and help mold players as good responsible people and believes that will trickle into basketball. You will often hear him say, “who you are off the court is who you are on the court.”

On the court you should expect maximum effort, defense, and sharing the basketball from his teams. He is more than excited to be apart of the Synergy Family and wants nothing more than your full support! GO SAINTS!

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