Esports-Worldwide Competitive Video Gaming

Billion Dollar Industry 

Did you know that Esports offers Millions of Dollars in Scholarships Annually?

Esports prize money has reached more than a billion dollars, with individual players earning $68,000,000 in the year 2020, and is projected to dramatically increase between 2021 and 2023!


Would you like to Learn to Earn?


Synergy Esports offers these additional benefits:

  • Synergy Esports is the only Accredited high school program on the treasure coast that is a member of the Middle and High School Esports League, PlayVs, and the North America Scholastic Esports Federation with access to:  

    • Tournaments with major prizes and scholarships

    • Scholarship programs in over 314 colleges in the United States

    • Preparation for careers in technology, creative writing, game concepts, trades, and much more

    • Travel opportunities throughout the United States

    • Incentives to stay on track in school

    • Opportunities to make immediate multiple streams of income through online streaming


72% of high school students already play video games-why not exchange that time spent for tangible value?


Esports harnesses the passion for gaming and turns it into opportunities to connect with other students, improve school performance, gain valuable skills in emerging career technology and STEM programs, and prepare for the future.

About Our Esports Program

Our vision is to pioneer an esports program for high school students that is shaped by excellence, mentorship, and good values.  


Technological side of gaming: 

  • How to Build a PC 

  • Troubleshooting PC problems  

  • PC Cleaning 

  • Overclocking  


Argent Game Design  

  • Beginner, intermediate, and advance coding classes  

  • Game design classes  

  • Work with professionals to build games and apps 


Gamer Health 

  • Exercise 

  • Sleep  

  • Health and nutrition  

  • Self-management: Maintain their personal health-enhancing behaviors and reduce the health rick of Gaming.  


Skill Enhancement 

  • Learns to demonstrate competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform well in games.  

  • Learning new strategies  

  • Offers Coaching and mentorships 


Esports Business 

  • Esport management skills 

  • Esport marketing skills  

  • Esport broadcasting skills 

  • Event management skills 


Are you a school interested in partnering with us?

  • Providing students the opportunity to earn accredited high school credits by participating in live-taught courses in Game Concept Design and Streaming Concepts.  Students will be given official transcripts reflecting those credits

  • Providing students at your school the opportunity to practice and scrimmage with players from neighboring schools, promoting socialization, good sportsmanship, and honing their competitive skills

  • Providing students “Unlimited Tournament Passes” for Synergy Tournaments giving participants opportunities to win prizes, and/or scholarships

  • Providing monthly professional round-table discussion opportunities for participating managers, coaches, and other stakeholders to stay competitive in this emerging industry

  • Initial assistance setting up your team’s hardware and software, organizing teams, and best practices regarding team practice, tournaments, and more

  • Fundraising opportunities with Synergy partners

  • Providing professional development to managers and coaches in health and wellness, coaching, live streaming, broadcasting, Esports management

  • Providing an even playing field for all students to get involved in competitive team sports

  • Parent and teacher training forums to bridge the gap between generations and facilitate mentorship and good sportsmanship

  • Access to marketing brochure templates as well as receiving 1 video ad created by the Synergy Digital Media Team

  • Synergy experts will share hints, tips, and tricks with players and coaches to enhance gameplay

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